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Ice Fox Vodka

Ice Fox Vodka is as beautiful and pure as the arctic fox. Handcrafted by a master distiller, Ice Fox Vodka comes exclusively from its unique distillery in the San Francisco Bay.


Available in the USA, British Columbia, Hong Kong & China!

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Ice Fox Vodka

Every bottle of this delicate liquid goes through a rare distillation process that refines the flavors and creates one of the world's most unique and smooth vodkas. Packaged in a beautiful bottle designed to mirror the majesty and elegance of the vodka within, Ice Fox embodies the grace, civility, and panache of the elusive Arctic Fox. Ice Fox Vodka is great for a night out on the town or after a long day at work. With our one-of-a-kind LED light box, Ice Fox makes the perfect gift.


For sale in the USA, British Columbia, Hong Kong & China!